- an exhibition symposium

The Visualizing Universalism symposium coincides with the opening of a new exhibition at Columbia University’s the Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery, Buell Hall publicly displaying the original UNESCO Human Rights Exhibition and its archive for the first time in sixty years. UNESCO’s Human Rights Exhibition from 1949 was the first international event that sought to visually represent the history and meaning of the then-recently adopted Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Using the exhibition as a platform for critical debate on contemporary human rights culture, the symposium explores insights provided by UNESCO’s first attempt to visualize and historicize the UDHR. In three sessions, we will discuss the exhibition’s historical context, its teleological narrative, and the ways in which human rights are represented and disseminated through visual culture – questions pertinent to both the exhibition and to contemporary discussions of human rights.  The participants are:

Ariella Azoulay, Samuel Moyn, Elazar Barkan, Anselm Franke, Thomas Keenan, Mark Mazower, Felicity Scott, Yasmine Ergas, Katrine Bregengaard and Eva Prag. 



Date and time: 17 April 2014 at 1pm-6.30pm

Location: East Gallery, Buell Hall, Columbia University

Host: Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University

Columbia University co-sponsors: The Heyman Center for the Humanities, Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research, Maison Française

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